Thursday, June 13, 2013

I am so LOVING teaching these young people.  I am enjoying the reaction of their parents, too.  I was approached by so many parents, men and women, both before AND after class to let me know that they had run out to buy a frame for their child's art.... and it is now proudly hanging in their home.... YES!!!! :)

I have taught art to secondary students for years, always knowing that my class might be the last that they ever took in art.  I loved the idea, that the pieces that they created, with me, and so very many amazing art creations.....  that THEY, these young people,  would always be looked upon as an artist, always.....  no matter if they became, doctors, plumbers, or what evers.  How fabulous to have that feeling in your life... to KNOW that you ARE an artist.... and now for these elementary students to leave my class knowing they created not only a thing of beauty in their eyes, but, that their parents valued it enough to put in a FRAME!!!  Fabulous!  Yes, life IS good :)

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