Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clay Panels completed.... another long night for my husband, Jeff, and me... but so worth it giving our attention to all of the last of the details... these will do the school proud!  Did I mention that the school logo is "Together We Are Better" there will probably be a plaque beside the mural saying that and the year that it was created.. and almost every tile has a positive word or words... JOYFUL positive time working with these wonderful young people... they were, indeed, THE BEST... love love love :)

I usually work on group murals with high school students... it makes my job so much easier... but, the real pleasure for me this time was to be a part of students so young as they vibrated in anticipation of creating this mural.  I requested that the teachers ask their students to bring special things from home... so, other than the multitude of stamps that I provided, there were legos, hearts, and quite a few medals... so that there was a part of THEM embedded in this true masterpiece... oh... what extraordinary fun creating with clay along with 600 students!

The custodian, Gerry, walked in last night as my husband and I were finishing, and said that what he finds truly amazing is that he cannot tell the difference between Kindergarten students and Grade 7's.  Yes, they all took time to think about and then create THEIR perfect tile... I am just so pleased!

Final Look before all of the LUCKY 13 panels are placed on the wall of the school... They look amazing... but... there was not enough light in the dark of the evening to truly do them justice...

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