Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I can't tell you how priceless the student helpers were.  They began to take care of ME!  Second guessing what I might need, passing me my various tools during my demonstrations, reminding me of things to tell EVERY classroom for the 7 days, and usually 4 blocks, that I was teaching... and cleaning up without my asking.  I was so full of LOVE during this whole experience to be in such an amazing school .. it was incredibly wonderful to be back in the classroom and to ENJOY so very many young people.  I feel so lucky to have chosen to become a teacher.  I felt so fortunate with my young assistants while I was at this school, and these are the photos of me... between me whipping the pouring sweat from my face... WOW, for British Columbia... was it hot hot.. I don't know about this year round school idea... mind you... EVERY other classroom was fully air conditioned :)

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